playing with nature

Posted in kitchen on Sep 16, 2009

Designer Fruits:  Us and nature growing together, i like it, food for thought.

How to:  A mold is made of what you want to reproduce and placed around the growing fruit when it is very young. When the fruit has expanded enough to fill the inside contours of the mold, the mold is removed.  The print of the features remain as the fruit continues to grow. Pumpkin heads, square watermelons, possibilities go on.  Hao Xianzhang is the originator of this process.

playing with nature

playing with nature

We are all molded by our ancestral heritage, our parent’s beliefs, expectations and our interactions with them as well as our cultural mores. How does our own nature survive, flourish and express itself?  musings about our true nature.

that is the million dollar question, an age old question.  this fruit molding thing has given me a fun thing to ponder.   isn’t it amazing that life is so innately creative!  while we are shaped by the same mold  and come from the same matrix as our brothers and sisters (in the global and familial sense of brothers and sisters), we are quite different from them, unique.  in the global pic we are really more similar than different from each other.  as carl sagan loved to say,  “we are all star stuff, every atom in our body with the exception of  hydrogen can be traced to a red star billions of years old”. in the more local perspective it’s easy to see the subtle and the vast differences in each other.

using our fruit molding process as the metaphor, perhaps that ancestral,  biological mold is still not completely formed until it interacts with the cosmic,  creative, possibly random putting together of all the parts that gel the unique mold that we are, the mold that shapes us.

some believe that it is the time and positioning in which we are born that completes the mold, individualizes us, others destiny, karmic continuity, some believe it is totally random, and the beliefs go on.  i like to think of it as cosmic involvement at play, curious, innocent, creative, fun and a bit random and delightfully eccentric.

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