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a smellorific way to drift off to sleep10.07.09

angels whisper you to sleep

soothing sleepy time magic

the soothing scents of essential oils elicit my ethereal senses and help me softly relax, let go and drift off to sleep.  sometimes  i use my essential oil blend in a little spray bottle that i spray on my pillow.  other times i use one of two little pillows; one filled with rice, the other filled with buckwheat husks that i put an essential oil soaked cotton pad into.  sometimes i dab some essential oil on the top of each shoulder and a dab on each temple.  each of these different smellorifics ease my mind and my body and tenderly transport me into dream time.

while soothing scents may be a totally personal thing there are some that are well know for their sleepy time and relaxing powers. some blends:  ** ylang ylang, lavender and tangerine   info about more blends and brain olfactory facts click here

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